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The Revenue Recovery Project

Pella Corporation has a proud 90-year history as a window and door manufacturer. Pella has been focused on bringing homeowners beautiful, innovative and energy-efficient windows and doors since 1925.

Pella Intro
‘‘ Hatchify was directly responsible for 27% growth last year. We sold more than we ever have before, and it’s because they had a plan and executed it ’’

Pat O’Toole- President

The Process of Making Sales and Marketing Workflows Effective.

Our first step with Pella was to determine where they were currently at. We did this through one-on-one meetings accompanied with research and a deep-dive on their target market. Next, we took a good look at the marketing tools they were using. This included customer segmentation and traditional marketing practices, to name a few.

After examining Pella’s current position, we identified areas of improvement. For Pella, this was lead to closure times and following up on appointments. We then took the first necessary steps to turn these missed opportunities into new ways to generate revenue.

Looking at these areas of improvement helped us create specific customer segments. Based off these segments, we made custom workflows to guide customers to different sales. We created a dynamic experience by using email, calling, and texting. This is because each customer is different and prefers to be contacted in different ways.

The finishing touch was incorporating automation. We specifically used Infusionsoft and Oracle to make things efficient not only for Pella but for us as well. These programs helped lend an extra hand when it came to sales and marketing tactics. This meant we could focus more on individual customers while automation did all the heavy lifting.

We then designed different campaigns to see which ones would help Pella reach their specific goals. We kept track of what worked and what didn’t work, and used this information to create a tone that was distinct to Pella.

These campaigns helped us to determine the best times to reach out to Pella customers. Whether these customers preferred to be called or texted, we made sure to contact them in the best way possible. This entire process was boiled down to a science unique to Pella itself. As soon as we were confident that this process would yield results, we took it to a larger market.

Taking this process to a larger scale helped generate even more clients. But we weren’t concerned about quantity as much as we were concerned about quality. Not only did our approach ensure efficiency and accuracy, but it also made each client feel as if they were being valued.

After this partnership, Pella generated over $394,000 in just nine weeks from lost or ignored lead opportunities. The numbers don’t stop here. This also yielded a 34% increase in revenue compared to the exact same time frame from a year before. In the span of one year, we were also able to help set 7,989 appointments with Pella clients.

The Challenge

Pella was selling 4 out of every 10 customers that they went to visit. Figuring out how to sell 6 out of 10 of those customers would drastically impact revenue growth.

Our Solution

Hatchify implemented a revenue recovery and lead generation strategy. We focused on segments of customer data and nurtured interested customers back into the sales funnel. Our main goal was to increase the close ratio on customers seen by Pella. After months of data, we started to understand this particular customer segment and pro-actively generated new leads.

See the Results

Hatchify was able to increased revenue on an average of 29% and close ratios went from 40% to 60% in 3months. Implementing sales automation strategies, marketing automation strategies and lead generatingtechniques allowed us to scale quickly throughout the country - and we are just getting started!

Minnesota 29% Michigan 24% Louisiana 24% New York 33% Virginia 34% Florida 21%

Delivering Real Results

Results and accountability are part of our core values. We believe that true partnerships mean that both partiesinvolved benefit from the relationship. Our promise was to deliver and we did.

It's really refreshing to finally work with a company like Hatchify that is dedicated to MY success. We communicate weekly and work on deals together. It’s a real partnership.

Chris Eckerd - GM, Grand Rapids

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